'yakpackers                    Backpacking. In a kayak.                    Because walking sucks.

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Limited dates still available for end of summer, back-to-school, and colors of autumn trips !

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Backpacking. In a kayak.

At yakpackers, we do kayaking differently.
Plenty of kayak rental companies are happy to rent you a kayak or canoe, drop you off at the river's edge and send you on your way for a day of paddling. Most of them are great at that and if that's what you're looking for you should absolutely use their services.

But we take it (and you) further.
We specialize in multi-day trips consisting of kayaking and camping on a variety of rivers in and around New Jersey.
We focus on making sure you're comfortable, capable and safe in your kayak.
We plan routes, arrange transportation, set up camp and even take care of meals.
We can introduce you to a new way to explore the outdoors with a great mix of roughing it in comfort.

Calling all kayakers, backpackers, cyclists, hikers, adventure seekers, campers, outdoorsy types
(and not-so-outdoorsy types)
What we offer is the next level of adventure. Come experience it for yourself for a week or a long weekend.
  1. nature, kayak, paddling, adventure, outdoors, kayaking, canoeing
    Have you had that urge to get back to nature but aren't quite sure how to begin?
    Come experience the sights, sounds, scents and serenity of nature. Multi-day guided kayak trips down the Delaware River and other nearby waterways await you.
  2. nature, kayak, paddling, adventure, outdoors, kayaking, canoeing
    Does the idea of backpacking intrigue you but you don't want to carry all that stuff?
    We make it easy. And so does the river. There's no gear to carry on your back, no need to stress about making it to the next campsite, no blisters on your feet. You can even take a break and still make progress, letting the river do the "hiking" for you.
  3. nature, kayak, paddling, adventure, outdoors, kayaking, canoeing
    Are you interested in kayaking but not sure how, when or where to start?
    Led by a talented team of experienced kayakers and outdoorsy types that are familiar with the waterways and wildlife, you're free to experience kayaking...and nature...stress-free.
Experienced or novice paddler? Outdoorsy type or city folk? A group of four or fourteen?
We have the ability and knowledge to customize an unforgettable experience for you and your group.

Read more about what we offer, who we are and what you can expect and then contact us to start customizing your 'yakpacking experience.

back • pack • ing:
{verb} travelling or hiking while carrying one's belongings in a backpack

yak • pack • ing:
{slang, verb} travelling downriver, with one's belongings in a kayak so you don't have to do all the heavy lifting

backpacking vs. yakpacking

  • Backpackers carry up to 30 pounds on their back - yakpackers carry a paddle.
  • Backpackers have to keep walking to keep moving - yakpackers can relax and let the river do the work.
  • Backpackers need to look for water sources - yakpackers are ON a water source.
  • Backpackers risk surprise encounters with bears - yakpackers rarely encounter swimming bears.
  • (but when we do, it is SO cool)
  • Backpackers are limited by how much they can carry - yakpackers are limited to what fits in their boat.
  • Backpackers have cool trail names - ...okay, you've got us there. But then again, so can yakpackers.
  • Backpackers can travel no matter the weather - yakpackers don't venture out in thunderstorms. boo hoo.
  • Backpackers walk at the same average speed daily - yakpackers sometimes get lucky and ride swiftwater.
  • (especially right after a good thunderstorm that we got to sleep through)
  • Backpackers pass through towns occassionally - yakpackers pass more towns than they'll ever need.

...and with yakpackers, we take care of all the details.
​Just show up ready to paddle. We've got the rest.

Because Walking Sucks.