'yakpackers                    Backpacking. In a kayak.                    Because walking sucks.

What can you expect?

You could expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised.
We would rather you have an idea what you'll experience, although every trip...and every person's experience...will differ.

Once we've established the level of difficulty your group will be comfortable with, we take care of arranging all campsites and transportation from a central meeting point.

You'll arrive at camp on the first evening where we can spend time getting the site set up if it isn't already, fitting your kayaks and PFDs, loading the gear for the following morning and getting to know each other over dinner by the camp fire. We'll go over a few simple guidelines for river behavior and how we communicate with hand and paddle signals on the river.

The next morning it's up bright and early and a drive up to our launch site after breakfast. Once we're wet, we will go over the basics of making your kayak go if you've never paddled before and tackle a stretch of river that is calm enough for even the most nervous of 'yakpackers. Along the way there's a good chance of spotting wildlife such as Bald Eagles, beavers, deer and more. Though we can't guarantee any sightings of any wildlife, we are pretty confident you'll see, at very least, some impressively sized mosquitoes and other insects. We do what we can to make sure everyone gets to see at least ONE bug.

We will end the day back at our original campsite and relax after a shower and a good meal by another campfire. From then on it will be as many days of breaking down camp, paddling the day and setting up our next camp as you choose. Each day will bring more challenges, with stronger rapids, longer stretches of almost still water and maybe even some traffic. Each day will also give us a better opportunity to spot Bald Eagles and other raptors, as well as mammals and amphibians; beavers, otters, mink, bear, deer, skunks, raccoons, porcupines, turtles, snakes....they're all out there.

Please note:

Our bookings go by "days".  Your adventure begins with your arrival to camp the evening before our first day on the water and runs 24 hours. For example: a two day trip might begin at 7pm Friday. That trip will last until 7pm Sunday (48 hours).

The minimum group size is four participants. If you have a group smaller than that contact us and inquire about booking a smaller trip or making other arrangements. Groups larger than 12 will need to get in touch to reserve their days as early as possible. And if you're crazy adventurous and want to take off for more than a week...WOO HOO! Let's GO! But let us know as far in advance as possible.

All meal offerings will be chosen by you ahead of time, although we will be able to make adjustments as needed. Please let us know when making your reservations if any member of your party has any food or other allergies or preferences we should be aware of.