'yakpackers                    Backpacking. In a kayak.                    Because walking sucks.

What can we do for you?

Let's start with making your adventure as easy and hassle free as possible.
All we need to know is how much of an adventure you want.

We do it all.
'cuz we're good like that.

You decide the adventure.
We take care of the details.
No. Seriously. We've got this.

We have a few different levels of adventure to choose from - anything from a fully catered-to experience to a true, rugged "life on the water for a few days" type of lifestyle.

Everything from transportation to accommodation will be arranged. We provide almost everything you need to have an incredible, unforgettable adventure without investing a fortune in gear you might rarely use.

Kayaks, paddles, PFDs, tents, sleeping pads, stoves, kitchen utensils, lanterns, flashlights, headlamps, chairs, and just about everything else you'll need, we've got. Once you start the booking process, you'll be provided a list of things you'll need to provide but the list is minimal and mainly consists of personal items.

Also part of the booking process will be selecting your meals. Standard dehydrated meals for the authentic 'yakpacking experience? A slightly more upscale meal plan? Or, if you prefer, meals brought to you by one of the area's popular food establishments.

Memories. Yeah, you'll have them. You'll also have a slew of photos and action shots to share on social media to make all of your friends jealous.

We told you. We've got this.