'yakpackers                    Backpacking. In a kayak.                    Because walking sucks.

We're family.

Whether we are siblings, cousins or just really good friends we are all family.
But not in a weird way.



Your fearless leader.

Road Warrior and Wildlife Spotter Extraordinaire

Erik has several years and hundreds (maybe thousands, but at that point who's counting?) of miles of paddling under his PFD.
Whether it's whitewater, calm lakes, choppy bays or no-land-in-sight ocean he can get there and back. And he's happy to take you along for the ride and show you a trick or two to make the entire experience incredible.

Denise is an accomplished paddler and so much more. Kayaking, camping and the outdoors are her passion. With her husband, Jim, she's seen more of the outdoors than you probably thought existed.
She can get you to your launch site, pick you up along the way, and spot a bear in the woods while driving 50mph.
Yeah. She's that good.

...and the rest of the motley crew.

Depending on the size and needs of your group, we have a crew of passionate paddlers to call on to help you on your way, keep you safe and make your adventure an incredible experience you won't forget.